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Crisis? – What crisis?

Having just completed my Christmas shopping I had cause while waiting for what seemed like several days in the checkout queue to reflect on the year ahead. Headlines shouted doom and gloom from the nearby news stand, and while a few heads seem to be rolling, mainly in the financial sector, I am increasingly puzzled […]

Banks hit worldwide by US fraud

I have just been reading about how many of the world’s big banks have been hit by a $50billion fraud.  The regulation (or lack thereof) of the banking industry is thought to be to blame. Yet another example of why just letting these rich, greedy idiots do whatever they want isn’t going to be in […]

Happy Christmas, Your Highness

I see the Queen has imposed a £50 limit on her family as a Christmas gift budget as she doesn’t want people to think they are being extravagant in these difficult economic times. While I’m unashamedly a royalist, I think she’s missed the point here. If everyone limited their spending to just £50, I wonder […]


Talking about global business, I came across a tender recently for the update of an interactive map, with the successful company contracted to add case studies to a Flash map. This is the kind of thing we do on a regular basis for a wide range of clients. Indeed, anyone who knows Flash could have […]

Global Business

Our intrepid Steve spent the day in Torquay yesterday, meeting a new client from North West England who was ‘in the area’ on business. The day went well, and despite the distance between our office and theirs we won the job. Fantastic news, but it again underlines the fact that with good communication you don’t […]

You get what you pay for….

I was contacted by an old friend today. He has an ecommerce website hosted with a dodgy, all you can eat for $5 style company. He seems surprised that his site isn’t online all the time and was complaining that it is costing him money. I suggested that we could host his site and give […]

Look no further.

Nic, our technical Director showed me this one.  It’s a work of genius. The Brick Testament I especially like ‘The Law‘ section.  It’s useful to know under what circumstances you should stone your children. The really scary thing is that it isn’t a spoof, it’s been done by the Rev. Brendan Powell Smith.  (Don’t serial […]

It’s a girl………

Here’s some great news, which is probably the best thing we’ve posted on our blog so far!  Rob Suckley, a key member of our design team, is now a father for the first time.  His daughter, Amelia, was born in the early hours of Sunday morning and weighed 7lbs 1oz. We’re all delighted with the […]

Thank you.

There are occasions where running a small business is difficult for a variety of reasons.  It could be simply a cashflow problem, or a capacity issue, or clients not behaving as expected, machinery failure, indeed a seemingly endless array of challenges that just when you think it’s all over another one surfaces that then requires […]