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General Stuff

Here’s a place for things that don’t seem to fit into any other category, where a category of its own would be too much.

A new bouncing baby boy for Jody

Baby Van Vestraut Arrives! As many of you will be aware, Jody (our Digital Marketing guru) has recently welcomed a new addition to his family.  A huge congratulations go out from all of us to Jody and wife  Becky on the safe arrival of their beautiful baby boy! This new baby boy, who has been […]

The Heartbleed Aftermath – the pain of changing passwords

Did the world end?  er… no…. not quite but now that the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL  hot news has well and truly died down,  have you changed your passwords? You won’t catch me having the same password for almost everything because I’m over 40 and can’t remember new passwords/don’t like change… oh no.. but I did […]

Introducing Ministry of Cool

Ministry of Cool is  a collection of digital creative agencies who will be joining together to share knowledge and inform people about the latest techniques and trends.  This will be in the form of several  events planned over the coming year, the first being “Really Responsive – the changing shape of digital communications across multiple […]

Claire Spills the Beans

Supporting Team SD - Claire spills the Project Management beans As our theme this month has a caring undertone, we thought we’d have a chat with our very own Claire Ogden and find out a bit more about what she does within team SD. Firstly I must wish you a very happy birthday for last week.. […]

Coastline – Inspiring Futures

 Coastline Housing are  Inspiring Futures There has been so much in the media this year about what people think of others who rely solely on public funding to get by. Some label people, who in many cases, are simply desperate for a way out, for someone to help, for a door to open, someone to […]

Briefing for a Branding Project

Firstly, lets take a moment to look at what branding is and distinguish it from a common misconception. Sometimes ‘Branding’ can be used to simply describe a logo, or identity. In the traditional sense this is arguably a logical statement to make, given that by attributing a logo, mark, identity or typeface to an entity […]

Welcome to Team SD Kevin

Welcoming Kevin to the Slightly  Different Team    Welcome to the team Kevin, how have you settled in? It’s been really good and I’ve felt right at home. The guys I work with are good at what they do and there are no egos – just techies who enjoy their work. And being offered tea […]

Why Have a Support Contract ?

As many of you will be aware, the country has suffered nothing short of a battering over the last few months and down in Cornwall we’ve seen a fair amount of damage caused by some of the fiercest storms in many years.  The reason for writing this post was that I recently learned a harsh […]

Plymouth Dry Ski Slopes

At the end of January team SD took some time out of the office to focus on some team training. As you will know, it’s often the hardest thing to do when running a business because much like yourselves, we are always super busy and never have time for this sort of thing. We can’t […]