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Slightly Funnier

POSTED BY | August 4th, 2010

This months slightly funnier musings..

Separated at Birth?

Ronnie O’Sullivan & Rob Suckley (Senior Designer at SD!)


We want to hear from you! Do you work with someone who looks uncannily like someone famous? Send us pictures of  your Look-a-likes and we’ll put them up on our ever growing wall of fame!
Email me….. go on!  saira@slightlydifferent.co.uk

Alan Becker rocks!:

Now the kids are at home, don’t forget that they’re there!


The Red paper Clip

Did you hear the one about the red paper clip? This was an interesting project, One red paper clip for a house! I have a box of silver paper clips on my desk, and would like a nice house on the Helford if anyone wants to swap!

And finally… we just love the Onion:

the onion website


One of our favourite articles recently.. read this